Eddie Chacon returns with new album “Sundown”

On his new album “Sundown”, Eddie Chacon embarks on a meditative journey through the shallows of life. As on his comeback album “Pleasure, Joy and Happiness”, he is accompanied by his brother in spirit, the multi-instrumentalist John Carroll Kirby. It seems too early to speak of a late work for an artist who is just 59 years old. But “Sundown” shows a reflected singer and songwriter who draws his wisdom from his life’s experiences. This is how soul music has to sound in the 21st century.

On his new album “What’s Trending” Leo Sidran takes a close look at today’s world

On his latest record “What’s Trending”, the American singer-songwriter Leo Sidran continues his deeply personal examination of the all-too-human, today’s social circus and family life, which he already so skilfully laid out before us with an open eye and fine intuition on the previous album “The Art Of Conversation”. Enriched with funk, West Cost and even hip-hop elements, Sidran grooves his way through the pitfalls of everyday life in a swinging and elegant way, supported by numerous family members, including his father, the legendary jazz musician Ben Sidran, inviting us to smile and reflect and showing impressively that he has long since become an accomplished chronicler of his environment, a musical Woody Allen, if you will. What Leo Sidran observes, writes down and sings has a universal meaning that applies to life in Brooklyn as well as to the rest of the world. “What’s Trending” is an album that should be listened to carefully.

The Angels Of Libra launch into the outer space with their new single “Revelations”

After the Hamburg-based soul outfit Angels of Libra and Irish singer Nathan Johnston took off last year with their excellent debut album, the Angels are giving even more boost with their first single “Revelations” from their forthcoming second album, which will be released on 17 March, and are finally overcoming the force of gravity. Almost weightlessly, the musicians weave soul, library and film music into a rousing mix. Major Tom would have liked the video released for the new single.

Surprise Chef announce Europe tour

Surprise Chef’s sound draws from ’70s film music, the funky side of jazz and samples that form the basis of hip-hop. In April and May the Australian band will finally come on a big European tour and will also play some concerts in Germany. With their new video “Spring’s Theme live at the Legendary Diamond Mine” they get their fans in the right mood for the upcoming shows.

Tennis are on the trail of the little things on their new album “Pollen”

On their sixth album “Pollen”, the self-reflective indie-pop duo Tennis from Denver, Colorado, find meaning in the little things and continue the successful path they set out on with their predecessor “Swimmer” – modern pop music that evokes the glamour of the 80s but is firmly anchored in the present, not least thanks to a punchy production. And yes, Alaina Moore’s voice is as ethereal as ever.

Pacific Breeze 3 – Light in the Attic continues its journey into the world of Japanese City Pop

Light in the Attic releases the latest chapter in its acclaimed Japanese City Pop series, Pacific Breeze, which delivers a mesmerizing blend of AOR, R&B, jazz fusion, funk, boogie, and disco from the country’s flourishing bubble era of the ‘70s and ‘80s. The highly anticipated Pacific Breeze 3: Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1975-1987, continues the exploration with songs that push the boundaries of the genre and offer glimmers of the next waves of music, including Shibuya-kei, hip-hop, and electro.

Out now: Smooth & Soulful Sounds Vol. 17

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Island Time – Interview with Joel Sarakula

“Island Time” is the long-awaited new album from Joel Sarakula and his first since moving to the Canary Islands at the height of the pandemic. Building on his previous albums “Love Club” and “Companionship”, the Sydney-born singer-songwriter, musician and producer expands his palette with a wider use of synthesizers and drum machines, making stylistically adventurous choices such as AOR samba and 70s-style reggae. The result is one of the first album highlights of the new year. West Coast Soul took the opportunity to talk with Joel Sarakula before the start of his German tour about the making of “Island Time”, the influence of his new domicile on his music, what the audience can expect on the tour and much more.

OUT NOW! WEST COAST SOUL.de presents “Tokyo Dreams Volume 3 – Japanese City Pop, Funk and Rare Grooves”

It all started with an internet phenomenon: “Plastic Love” by Mariya Takeuchi became a viral hit in the 2010s. The 1984 single, written by Takeuchi and her husband Tatsuro Yamashita, sounded nostalgically familiar and at the same time exotic to Western ears, and opened up a musical cultural space previously known only to insiders: the world of City Pop. A genre that provided the soundtrack for Japanese economic prosperity in the 80s.

West Coast Soul.de – Albums Of The Year 2022

The year is coming to an end and it was again a year of great new releases and discoveries. Of course, it was and is always impossible to limit a year to just ten albums, but the following records have left a lasting impression on us and accompanied us through the last months. It’s time to honour the best albums of the year: Here is the West Coast Soul.de Top 10 of 2022!

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Out now: Smooth & Soulful Sounds Volume 16

With our “Smooth & Soulful Sounds” series, WEST COAST SOUL presents current favorites, potential hits as well as fresh releases and artists that deserve more airplay. Discover the latest from Soul, West Coast, Slow Funk and Sunset Disco. Listen now!

Nathan Johnston & the Angels of Libra celebrate the virtues of authentic soul music on their debut album

For their first studio album, the Hamburg soul outfit Angels of Libra teamed up with the Irish singer-songwriter Nathan Johnston, after they had already attracted attention with singles with Shawn Lee and Maiiah. The result is an authentic album full of elegantly grooving, varied and atmospheric soul music, characterised by tasteful horn arrangements, a great rhythm section and the right amount of analogue warmth, but not least by Nathan Johnston’s striking voice – one of our soul albums of the year.

Album Review: Lee Fields explores the depths of the human soul on his new album “Sentimental Fool”

It has taken over 20 years, now finally the legendary American soul singer Lee Fields has released his first album on the New York Daptone Records label. With the support of label founder Gabriel Roth and the best musicians Daptone has to offer, the 72-year-old singer explores the essence of pure, true emotion on “Sentimental Fool” and impressively demonstrates his mastery. Soul music can’t get much deeper than this.

Ticket To Shangri-La – Interview with Young Gun Silver Fox

On their new album “Ticket To Shangri-La”, Young Gun Silver Fox invite us to take a sonic break from everyday life and current crises. But anyone expecting an album full of relaxed ballads should buckle up. On their fourth studio album, Shawn Lee and Andy Platts pick up the pace and combine their inimitable feeling for catchy, sundrenched West Coast soul-pop with an infectious funkiness. West Coast Soul talked with the duo about their new songs, their creative partnership, sources of inspiration, tour plans and many more.

Too Slow To Disco – the anniversary interview with Marcus Liesenfeld

After smooth detours to soul covers, French neo-disco, modern sunset club sounds and Brazilian AOR, the renowned “Too Slow To Disco” series returns to its original West Coast AOR and yacht roots this year with its tenth edition. A good reason to talk with Berlin based TSTD curator Marcus Liesenfeld aka DJ Supermarkt on the development of the series over the past eight years, the qualities of a good music curator, his favourite editions, the classic compilation format, the future of the series and much more.