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Dabeull has long been one of the masters of the contemporary French electrofunk scene. Now, with “Analog Love”, his overdue solo debut album is finally being released. The nine-track marvel is the artist’s reverent homage to the electrifying funk and R&B music of the 80s. Recorded on the legendary Harrison 32C console, the centrepiece of Michael Jackson’s magnum opus “Thriller”, this album is a seamless fusion of nostalgia and innovation.

From the onset, “Analog Love” captivates with its seductive groove. Each track is a testament to Dabeull’s mastery, effortlessly blending the funky rhythms of yesteryears with a contemporary flair that is uniquely his own. The album’s latest single, “Body Heat,” served as a tantalizing preview of the auditory feast that awaits, showcasing Holybrune’s soulful vocals amidst Dabeull’s infectious production.

Throughout the album, Dabeull’s signature style shines bright, weaving a sonic tapestry that evokes imagery of neon-lit streets and bustling dance floors. Tracks like “Chronic Lovers” and the seductive “What’Cha Wanna Do” pay homage to funk and R&B legends like Shalamar and Herbie Hancock while infusing a modern sensibility that keeps the music feeling fresh and relevant. The meticulous attention to detail is evident in every chord progression and every drum fill.

The analog production serves as both a nod to the past and a bold statement of artistic intent, reminding us of the timeless allure of analog sound in an increasingly digital world.

In conclusion, “Analog Love” is a tour de force of funk craftsmanship, showcasing Dabeull’s unparalleled talent as both a producer and composer. With its irresistible grooves and evocative melodies, this album cements Dabeull’s status as a true visionary in the world of contemporary funk. So, dim the lights, dust off your dancing shoes, and prepare to fall in love with the timeless allure of “Analog Love.”

Career Overview:

Since 2010, Dabeull has been a beacon of funk revivalism, igniting dance floors around the globe with his infectious rhythms and soulful melodies. Hailing from France, Dabeull quickly rose to prominence with hits like “DX7” and “You & I,” establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of danceable funk.