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Super DB’s latest offering, “Downtown,” encapsulates a mesmerizing blend of pop, disco, funk, and AOR, reminiscent of the early 1980s American West Coast sound. Hailing from the South of England, this quartet, led by twin brothers J-M and J-P Sutcliffe, alongside Jonathan Wills and Indigo Pearce, presents a nostalgic album that effortlessly transports listeners back to an era of pulsating rhythms and infectious melodies.

The album, serving as their third release following the success of “Ecoute Ca,” has already garnered attention with four captivating singles: “Back To Me,” “Downtown City Girl,” “Side By Side,” and “Hard Drivin’.” Each track exudes the signature Super DB essence, characterized by soulful vocal harmonies, grooving bass lines, electrifying guitar solos, and jazz-infused arrangements, all reminiscent of the golden age of AOR.

What distinguishes “Downtown” is its authentic homage to the past. The album resonates with the vibrant energy of the early 1980s, channeling the spirit of an era dominated by smooth R&B and the allure of West Coast AOR. From the Latin-infused rhythms of “Brazil” to the Doobie Brothers homage “Shake It” and the irresistible charm of the album’s closer, “Maquina,” the remarkable authenticity of Super DB’s sound is striking. One could easily mistake “Downtown” for a lost AOR LP from the 1980s or the unoffical soundtrack of “Back To The Future”, such is the band’s mastery of synth-heavy compositions and analog-rich textures.

Whether you’re a fan of 80s AOR, funk, or simply good music, this album is guaranteed to leave you tapping your feet and longing for more.