Here you find the latest news from the music world, whether from the West Coast, AOR or Soul.

Maeva Borzakian’s new album “Lovin’ Truth” is a celebration of love and the many facets of black music

Maeva Borzakian has been at home on the world’s stages for over 20 years. She recently toured with the legendary jazz-funk band Cortex. For “Lovin’ Truth”, the Parisian singer, songwriter and composer has teamed up with French funk alchemist Philippe Magoo to record an album full of elegant R&B, 80s orientated funk and West Coast influenced pop songs. The result is compelling and finds the newlywed singer at the top of her game. Fans of Sade and Erykah Badu should definitely give it a listen.

Ed Motta returns with new single “Safely Far” and announces album for October

After a five-year hiatus, Brazilian music giant Ed Motta returns with his first single “Safely Far” from his new album “Behind The Tea Chronicles”, which will be released on 20 October. The new song combines everything we love about the Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Rio de Janeiro: bouncy West Coast grooves meet jazzy Steely Dan-style harmonies, sparkling Rhodes piano runs and exquisite brass arrangements, over which Motta’s uniquely soulful voice elegantly floats. The master is finally back!

On his solo debut “Wait Til I Get Over” Durand Jones reflects on his musical and personal roots

With his solo debut “Wait Til I Get Over”, Durand Jones, frontman of the great soul band Durand Jones & The Indications, embarks on a very personal musical journey to his hometown of Hillaryville, Louisiana, and lets the listener participate in the diverse musical culture of the black community of the American South. Jones succeeds in creating an album that exudes the scent of “magnolias on a hot summer day” while reinterpreting the traditions of Southern Soul for the 21st century.

Eddie Chacon returns with new album “Sundown”

On his new album “Sundown”, Eddie Chacon embarks on a meditative journey through the shallows of life. As on his comeback album “Pleasure, Joy and Happiness”, he is accompanied by his brother in spirit, the multi-instrumentalist John Carroll Kirby. It seems too early to speak of a late work for an artist who is just 59 years old. But “Sundown” shows a reflected singer and songwriter who draws his wisdom from his life’s experiences. This is how soul music has to sound in the 21st century.