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“Safely Far” is the first single from Ed Motta’s 14th studio album to be released this October via the renowned German jazz label MPS. On “Behind The Tea Chronicles”, Motta takes his listeners on a journey that transcends musical boundaries, inviting them not only to listen to groovy, soulful songs, but also to immerse themselves in almost cinematic moods.

Inspired by a multitude of films and old TV series, Motta seamlessly weaves these influences into a cohesive narrative that takes the listener on an intense sonic journey.

The new album features impressive collaborations between Brazilian and internationally renowned musicians. Among others, the famous singer Paulette McWilliams and the singer Philip Ingram are responsible for the background vocals, and the FILMharmonic Orchestra from Prague has also contributed.

This much can be revealed: “Behind The Tea Chronicles” is a truly sublime album in Cinemascope format, showing Ed Motta at the height of his art.

Photo: Jorge Bispo