Maeva Borzakian’s new album “Lovin’ Truth” is a celebration of love and the many facets of black music

Maeva Borzakian has been at home on the world’s stages for over 20 years. She recently toured with the legendary jazz-funk band Cortex. For “Lovin’ Truth”, the Parisian singer, songwriter and composer has teamed up with French funk alchemist Philippe Magoo to record an album full of elegant R&B, 80s orientated funk and West Coast influenced pop songs. The result is compelling and finds the newlywed singer at the top of her game. Fans of Sade and Erykah Badu should definitely give it a listen.

At the end of 2020, Maeva Borzakian met the French music producer and composer Philippe Magoo, who, like Borzakian herself, has a soft spot for the funk and R&B of the 80s. After a first collaboration in 2021, which resulted in the song “Feel The Love”, she asked Magoo to work with her on an album.

The result is her now released full-length album “Lovin’ Truth”, on which she celebrates the power of love and music, and which she considers her most personal recording after having to overcome family and health problems recently.

“Lovin’ Truth” is not only convincing with great songs that oscillate between soul, hip-hop and R&B and showcase Maeva’s changeable voice, but also with a crisp production and great musicality that her accompanying musicians bring to the table. We hope that the dream team Philippe Magoo and Maeva Borzakian will record more songs together in the future.

In any case, the artist is sure: “Lovin’ Truth: The truth is in the love. The love of music and love in general saves us from everything!” We can’t add anything to that.