Interviews are always an adventure trip. At best, they give an insight into the way of working and the world of thoughts of artists and musicians. Here you find our WEST COAST Soul interviews.

A Good Woman – Interview with Izo FitzRoy

Singer, songwriter and pianist Izo FitzRoy returns with her third album “A Good Woman” and impressively proves that she is one of the great voices of the British soul and gospel scene. The album is her most personal to date and reflects her development over the last few years, and is not least an examination of the roles women have to play in our society. WEST COAST SOUL spoke with the artist about the making of the new album, how the experiences of the last few years have influenced her songwriting, her collaboration with Oscar de Jong of Kraak & Smaak, feminism, the healing effect of gospel music and much more.

Island Time – Interview with Joel Sarakula

“Island Time” is the long-awaited new album from Joel Sarakula and his first since moving to the Canary Islands at the height of the pandemic. Building on his previous albums “Love Club” and “Companionship”, the Sydney-born singer-songwriter, musician and producer expands his palette with a wider use of synthesizers and drum machines, making stylistically adventurous choices such as AOR samba and 70s-style reggae. The result is one of the first album highlights of the new year. West Coast Soul took the opportunity to talk with Joel Sarakula before the start of his German tour about the making of “Island Time”, the influence of his new domicile on his music, what the audience can expect on the tour and much more.

Ticket To Shangri-La – Interview with Young Gun Silver Fox

On their new album “Ticket To Shangri-La”, Young Gun Silver Fox invite us to take a sonic break from everyday life and current crises. But anyone expecting an album full of relaxed ballads should buckle up. On their fourth studio album, Shawn Lee and Andy Platts pick up the pace and combine their inimitable feeling for catchy, sundrenched West Coast soul-pop with an infectious funkiness. West Coast Soul talked with the duo about their new songs, their creative partnership, sources of inspiration, tour plans and many more.

Too Slow To Disco – the anniversary interview with Marcus Liesenfeld

After smooth detours to soul covers, French neo-disco, modern sunset club sounds and Brazilian AOR, the renowned “Too Slow To Disco” series returns to its original West Coast AOR and yacht roots this year with its tenth edition. A good reason to talk with Berlin based TSTD curator Marcus Liesenfeld aka DJ Supermarkt on the development of the series over the past eight years, the qualities of a good music curator, his favourite editions, the classic compilation format, the future of the series and much more.

High And Dry – Interview with Stefan Olofsson (State Cows)

For many years, the State Cows from Sweden have been a permanent fixture when it comes to great West Coast AOR from Europe. With “High And Dry”, the duo, consisting of Daniel Andersson on vocals and guitar and Stefan Olofsson on keyboards and bass, release their long-awaited fourth studio album, which is, as always, filled to the brim with sophisticated new West Coast AOR music. West Coast Soul talked with Stefan Olofsson about the new album, their love for the classic L.A. sound, their development as a band over the past decade, the European West Coast AOR scene and many more.

Rides Yet Again – Interview with Shawn Lee

When Shawn Lee released his very personal country-soul solo album “Rides Again” in 2019, it was to remain a one-off. In the middle of the tour for the album, the pandemic set in and life came to a standstill. The consequences of the lockdown, personal strokes of fate and experiences inspired the US-born and London-based singer, songwriter, musician, producer and arranger to record a sequel under the title “Rides Yet Again”, now released by Légère Recordings. WEST COAST SOUL talked with the “Silver Fox” about the making of the new album, music as a way of processing personal crises, his eternal search for the perfect sound and much more.

Le Piano – Interview with Donny Benét

“Mr Experience”. “Konichiwa”. “Santorini” – these songs represent just a small taste of the enigma that is Donny Benét. On 1 April, the Sydney-based composer and multi-instrumentalist – hailed and panned by critics as “Prince on a serious budget cut” – returned with a new EP, “Le Piano”, an intoxicatingly groovy instrumental album paying homage to 80’s funk, city pop and disco. West Coast Soul talked with “The Don” about his new EP, his eternal love of 80s culture, the power of instrumental music, his return to touring and further plans.

Cure The Jones – Interview with Andy Platts (Mamas Gun)

After the turbulence of the last two years, the long-awaited fifth album “Cure The Jones” by British soul band Mamas Gun is finally released – a lush, nuanced and expansive contemporary meditation on a world turned upside down, embedded in the classic soul tradition of Bill Withers and Marvin Gaye. West Coast Soul talked with singer, songwriter and band founder Andy Platts about the new album, the impact of the pandemic on their music, what it feels like to be back on stage, the healing power of soul music, his new studio and much more.