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OUT NOW: Sunset Grooves – Spiritualised Jazz, Fusion & Funk from the past and present

Welcome to "Sunset Grooves," the soulful voyage curated by, where the rhythmic blend of spiritualized jazz, fusion, and funk converges from the past to the present.

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Marcus Liesenfeld talks about the new TSTD compilation “Yacht Soul 2” and the unifying power of great music

Two years ago, Berlin-based Too Slow To Disco (TSTD) curator and DJ Marcus Liesenfeld aka DJ Supermarkt introduced “Yacht Soul – The Cover Versions,” a captivating collection of West Coast…

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Eddie Chacon talks about his current European tour and his latest album “Sundown” in the West Coast Soul interview

With his current album "Sundown", Eddie Chacon has released one of the best albums of the year. The Californian soul artist is currently on tour in Europe and will also…

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