Here you find the latest news from the music world, whether from the West Coast, AOR or Soul.

On his new album “What’s Trending” Leo Sidran takes a close look at today’s world

On his latest record “What’s Trending”, the American singer-songwriter Leo Sidran continues his deeply personal examination of the all-too-human, today’s social circus and family life, which he already so skilfully laid out before us with an open eye and fine intuition on the previous album “The Art Of Conversation”. Enriched with funk, West Cost and even hip-hop elements, Sidran grooves his way through the pitfalls of everyday life in a swinging and elegant way, supported by numerous family members, including his father, the legendary jazz musician Ben Sidran, inviting us to smile and reflect and showing impressively that he has long since become an accomplished chronicler of his environment, a musical Woody Allen, if you will. What Leo Sidran observes, writes down and sings has a universal meaning that applies to life in Brooklyn as well as to the rest of the world. “What’s Trending” is an album that should be listened to carefully.

The Angels Of Libra launch into the outer space with their new single “Revelations”

After the Hamburg-based soul outfit Angels of Libra and Irish singer Nathan Johnston took off last year with their excellent debut album, the Angels are giving even more boost with their first single “Revelations” from their forthcoming second album, which will be released on 17 March, and are finally overcoming the force of gravity. Almost weightlessly, the musicians weave soul, library and film music into a rousing mix. Major Tom would have liked the video released for the new single.

Surprise Chef announce Europe tour

Surprise Chef’s sound draws from ’70s film music, the funky side of jazz and samples that form the basis of hip-hop. In April and May the Australian band will finally come on a big European tour and will also play some concerts in Germany. With their new video “Spring’s Theme live at the Legendary Diamond Mine” they get their fans in the right mood for the upcoming shows.

Tennis are on the trail of the little things on their new album “Pollen”

On their sixth album “Pollen”, the self-reflective indie-pop duo Tennis from Denver, Colorado, find meaning in the little things and continue the successful path they set out on with their predecessor “Swimmer” – modern pop music that evokes the glamour of the 80s but is firmly anchored in the present, not least thanks to a punchy production. And yes, Alaina Moore’s voice is as ethereal as ever.

Pacific Breeze 3 – Light in the Attic continues its journey into the world of Japanese City Pop

Light in the Attic releases the latest chapter in its acclaimed Japanese City Pop series, Pacific Breeze, which delivers a mesmerizing blend of AOR, R&B, jazz fusion, funk, boogie, and disco from the country’s flourishing bubble era of the ‘70s and ‘80s. The highly anticipated Pacific Breeze 3: Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1975-1987, continues the exploration with songs that push the boundaries of the genre and offer glimmers of the next waves of music, including Shibuya-kei, hip-hop, and electro.

Eddie Chacon releases new single “Step By Step” and announces new album for the end of March

Californian singer-songwriter Eddie Chacon is probably best known to most as one half of the successful US soul duo Charles & Eddie from the early 90s. With “Pleasure, Joy and Happiness”, the “low-key R&B legend” (The Fader) celebrated a brilliant comeback in 2020 with support John Carroll Kirby. On 31 March, the long-awaited follow-up will be released, on which Chacon has once again collaborated with his soulmate John Carroll Kirby. As a foretaste of the album, his new single “Step By Step” has now been released.