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In the early 1970s, some of the most innovative bands that Germany had ever produced could be found under the misleading Krautrock label.

What they had in common was the courage to experiment and to turn away from classical song structures towards free-flowing forms of interpretation – Kosmische Musik (cosmic music), as this movement was also called in Germany.

Bands like CAN or NEU! mixed elements of psychedelic rock, electronic music and European avant-garde and created exciting new music. Later Kraftwerk transformed the unbridled power of Krautrock into electronic music and shaped popular music of the coming decades with their innovative power and aesthetics.

“ZEITGEIST – The Complete Collection” brings together the four volumes of the Zeitgeist series and gathers some of the best bands and sound wizards of this era – with tracks by Kraftwerk, Harmonia, Neu!, Cluster, CAN, Conrad Schnitzler, Streetmark, La Düsseldorf and many more.

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