High And Dry – Interview with Stefan Olofsson (State Cows)

For many years, the State Cows from Sweden have been a permanent fixture when it comes to great West Coast AOR from Europe. With “High And Dry”, the duo, consisting of Daniel Andersson on vocals and guitar and Stefan Olofsson on keyboards and bass, release their long-awaited fourth studio album, which is, as always, filled to the brim with sophisticated new West Coast AOR music. West Coast Soul talked with Stefan Olofsson about the new album, their love for the classic L.A. sound, their development as a band over the past decade, the European West Coast AOR scene and many more.

Benny Sings releases new EP “Santa Barbara”

Dutch singer, songwriter and producer Tim van Berkestijn, better known by his stage name Benny Sings, has become one of the Netherlands’ most talented musical exports with his distinctive blend of smooth Californian-tinged pop, jazzy R&B and a touch of DIY charm. On his new EP “Santa Barbara”, which has just been released, the Amsterdam-based artist brings together the numerous cover versions he has recorded in recent years.

Rides Yet Again – Interview with Shawn Lee

When Shawn Lee released his very personal country-soul solo album “Rides Again” in 2019, it was to remain a one-off. In the middle of the tour for the album, the pandemic set in and life came to a standstill. The consequences of the lockdown, personal strokes of fate and experiences inspired the US-born and London-based singer, songwriter, musician, producer and arranger to record a sequel under the title “Rides Yet Again”, now released by Légère Recordings. WEST COAST SOUL talked with the “Silver Fox” about the making of the new album, music as a way of processing personal crises, his eternal search for the perfect sound and much more.

New Playlist: Tokyo Dreams Volume 2 – Japanese City Pop, Funk and Rare Grooves

It all started with an internet phenomenon: “Plastic Love” by Mariya Takeuchi became a viral hit in the 2010s. The 1984 single, written by Takeuchi and her husband Tatsuro Yamashita, sounded nostalgically familiar and at the same time exotic to Western ears, and opened up a musical cultural space previously known only to insiders: the world of City Pop. A genre that provided the soundtrack for Japanese economic prosperity in the 80s.

New Playlist: Stunde Null – German Krautrock, Electronica & Kosmische Musik from the 70s

“Stunde Null – German Krautrock, Electronica & Kosmische Musik from the 70s” is the third chapter of our WEST COAST SOUL.de Spotify series “ZEITGEIST”. It brings together some of the most innovative German bands and sound wizards who worked on their vision of a new music language in the 70s. What they had in common, despite all their musical diversity, was the courage to experiment and the rejection of classical song structures in favour of free-flowing forms of interpretation.

Smooth & Soulful Sounds Vol. 12 out now!

With our Spotify series “Smooth & Soulful Sounds”, WEST COAST SOUL.de presents current favorites, potential hits as well as new songs and artists that deserve more airplay once a month. Discover the latest in Soul, West Coast, Funk, Indie Pop and Sunset Disco!

DJ Supermarkt announces the 10th edition of the renowned Too Slow To Disco series

After smooth detours into Soul covers, French Neo-Disco, modern Sunset Disco and Brazilian AOR, DJ Supermarkt’s “Too Slow To Disco” series makes a joyous return to its original West Coast AOR and Yacht roots this year with its tenth edition. The anniversary compilation, which features 16 rare gems from the 70s and 80s, will be released on August 26th. If you can’t wait that long, you can already listen to a first minimix.

Michael McDonald collaborates with Spanish singer Buika on a new version of the classic “You Belong To Me”

“You Belong To Me” is one of the great masterpieces of West Coast music. Written by Michael McDonald and Carly Simon in the 70s, the song was recorded again and again in the following decades, including by world stars like Anita Baker and Chaka Khan. Now McDonald has invited the Spanish singer Buika into the studio to reinterpret this tale of love, jealousy and infidelity. The result is a seductive, Latin flavoured version that brings new facets to a timeless classic.