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Behind Woodbeez stands German musician, arranger, film composer and lecturer Ritchie Staringer. As a balance to his work as a film composer, he founded a jazz fusion band with some of his students at the Music University of Hanover – the beginning of Woodbeez.

Quickly the hobby band became a serious project. Ritchie says: “Soon I had the urge to write original songs. The result is a mix of Yacht Rock, Jazz and R’n’B – always with a fond hint to The Beatles.”

His deep love for the West Coast music of the 70s and early 80s played an important role in the band project: “My decision to become a musician was strongly swayed by artists like Pages, Steely Dan or Michael McDonald and all the affiliated L.A. studio musicians.”

That enthusiasm for slick arrangements, jazzy horn sections, silky harmonies and laid-back grooves runs through these five songs on “Volume 1”.

The joy of playing is clearly at the heart of Woodbeez: “All of our songs came out naturally without any intent of being cool, hip or commercially successful. But surely I would be delighted to see you liking them.” – and we do.

If you want to hear well-made West Coast music from Germany, you should listen to “Volume 1”. We are curious how the journey of Woodbeez will continue and are already looking forward to “Volume 2”.