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Berlin-based French keyboardist and composer Anthony Malka aka Le Commandant Couche-Tôt must have set himself the goal of producing a flawless summer hit this year. Backed by New York soul singer Johnny Burgos, his new disco-inflected single “Lose It” has all the qualities to fill every dance floor – whether in Rimini, Saint-Tropez or Sylt.

As usual for the commander, the new single is also linked to a cinematic story. But let’s let him have his own say:

“May 2025, Elon Musk is proudly introducing his new line of super advanced humanoids supposed to slowly replace the human race on Earth. Unfortunately for him, the robots have a flaw, they can’t resist the groove.

On June 25th, as millions of Michael Jackson fans start to play his music loud to celebrate his legacy, the first robots start to dysfunction and slowly disintegrate.

Groove might be the human salvation.”

Nothing to add to that. In any case, we’re putting “Lose It” on our 2022 summer soundtrack and are already looking forward to more of Le Commandant Couche-Tôt’s music adventures.