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With their first three albums “West End Coast” (2015), “AM Waves” (2018) and “Canyons” (2020), Andy Platts and Shawn Lee, better known as Young Gun Silver Fox, delivered a modern version of the classic West Coast and soft rock sounds of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Now Young Gun Silver Fox release their new single “West Side Jet”.

Shawn Lee aka Silver Fox said WhoSampled about the song: “I was aiming to use more acoustic guitar on the new album and also concentrating on writing more up-tempo tracks. West side Jet really captured what I was going for.”

“West Side Jet” is accompanied by a funny video inspired by Nintendo’s classic jump ‘n’ run Super Mario. The video was directed by Jack Pell.

In 2015, British singer, songwriter, producer, founder and bandleader of Mamas Gun, Andy Platts, and London-based American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and arranger, Shawn Lee, combined their talents to express their love for melodic Californian soft rock and their penchant for catchy hooks and infectious grooves in a joint project – the beginning of Young Gun Silver Fox. Seven years later, the duo has become one of the biggest phenomena of the West Coast music genre.

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Photo: Dan Massie