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After wandering across mysterious polynesian islands in his first EP, we find again Le Commandant in the middle of the Amazon River, escaping from drones and wildfires in a hovercraft. “Une Histoire d’Amour Brésilienne” (A brazilian love
story) has a dystopian vision widely inspired by the environmental issues of 2020 and 2021, which illustrates a form of anxiety toward the future. Its soundtrack however, is purposely the antithesis of the story: a very optimistic tribute to space-disco and brazilian funk.

Once again, Anthony Malka surrounded himself with a dream team of groovers and legendary acid jazz players: neo-soul singer Omar Lye-Fook, drummer Nick Van Gelder (Jamiroquai), Azymuth bass player Alex Malheiros, saxophonist Quentin Thomas (NCY Milky Band), Youka Manuka, Tim Sensbach, Sebastian Gieck, Christoph Holzhauser and many others.

The quality of this EP caught the attention of house, electronic and hip-hop producers who contribute some great remixes. The B side features Max Graef (Ninja Tune/Tax Free Records), Souleance (Musique Large), Paul Cut (D.KO Records/Popcorn Records), dutch house duo Fouk (Heist Recordings), and also some label affiliates such as FLUPKE and LTF’s duo project Dapdown.

“Une Histoire d’Amour Brésilienne” will be released on digital, vinyl and cassette January 7th via BMM Records.