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The twelve-track release, “Sunsetter” is LEISURE’s third studio album, following on from 2019’s Twister and their eponymous self-titled debut LP. Sunsetter features previous singles “Slipping Away,” “Take Me Higher”/”Mesmerised,” and the lush, groovy number “Flipside,” concluding their string of EP releases Side A and Side B.

Side A, a five-track release which began during a trip to France and centered around new beginnings, was followed last month’s companion piece, Side B, a record that played thematically between consciousness and unconsciousness, embracing challenges and moving forward for the betterment of oneself. The collective EPs have already amassed over 50 million global streams and received praise from fans and tastemakers alike.

“As the world threw its challenges, we decided to release the record as we created it, sharing SIDE A and SIDE B in real-time. Now, as we bring them together with these extra songs, the sun sets on what has been an incredible journey. Once again, we feel proud of what we have created and are even more excited for what lies ahead”, says the band.

It’s their unique brand of electro-funk and shoegaze that has charmed fans around the world. Their catalog has amassed over 300 million combined streams, and they’ve gained a loyal live following, selling out shows in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, including a debut double performance at UK’s The Great Escape.