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Eddie Chacon made an indelible mark in popular music as half of the duo Charles & Eddie, whose 1992 single “Would I Lie to You” was a number one hit heard around the world. The group’s 4-million-records-sold rocket to the stars lasted a few years, and Eddie spent the next couple of decades carving out a career as a photographer and creative director.

In 2020 Eddie Chacon made a comeback with the album “Pleasure, Joy and Happiness”, which he wrote and produced together with the brilliant producer, pianist, and composer John Carroll Kirby. The album was highly praised by The Guardian, The New York Times, The Fader and many others. The worldwide response to the album gave Chacon the impetus to continue his musical career.

Eddie says: “After so many years without an outlet for my music, I am so grateful to be back doing what I have loved most all my life. The success of ‘Pleasure, Joy and Happiness’ was such a surprise because it was an album about closure for me. I expected it to be a final goodbye to music, a way of letting go and moving on. Being invited to join the Stones Throw family is an opportunity I never thought I’d get in my life.”

For his new single “Holy Hell”, Chacon once again teamed up with John Carroll Kirby. The result is a soul song with a silky funkiness that seamlessly follows the atmospheric songs of “Pleasure, Joy and Happiness” and reflects Chacon’s love for Marvin Gaye. We are looking forward to more new songs!

Watch the new video for “Holy Hell” here!

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Photo by Jack McKain