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Legendary soul singer Lee Fields debuts his long-awaited new album “Sentimental Fool” on Daptone Records. Fields’ first new album in three years is heralded by the release of the single of the same name and with an official music video now available to watch on YouTube.

Produced by Daptone Records founder Bosco Mann – aka producer/musician Gabriel Roth – at his Penrose Records/Daptone West studio in Riverside, CA, “Sentimental Fool” also features the recently released single “Ordinary Lives”.

Lee Fields, praised by Rolling Stone for his “classic American soul sound”, is arguably the greatest pure soul singer alive today. His career, spanning over five decades, includes more than twenty albums and over forty singles, an ever-evolving body of work that continues to garner attention through samples from such notable artists as J. Cole, Travis Scott, Rick Ross and A$AP Rocky, as well as unusual collaborations such as the worldwide dance club hit “Jealousy” with French DJ and producer Martin Solveig.

Born in North Carolina, Fields came to New York City in 1967, inspired by James Brown’s legendary performance on the T.A.M.I. Show, to make himself a soul star. In the decades that followed, Fields earned a hard-earned reputation as a true king of funk with a steady stream of albums and singles, including 1973’s classic “Let’s Talk It Over.” Although missed opportunities and changing musical tastes over the years kept him from reaching the pinnacle of the mainstream, Fields never let up, keeping the soul flame alive with independent releases and non-stop touring on the Southern blues circuit.

In 1996, Fields recorded “Let a Man Do What He Wana Do [sic]” for Desco Records, an independent New York label co-owned by producer/musician Gabriel Roth. The album “Let’s Get a Groove On” followed in 1998, making Fields the torchbearer of the new funk revival.

In 2001, Roth opened the doors of Daptone Records, where Fields released a handful of singles in the early 2000s. Now, more than two decades later, Fields is officially part of the Daptone roster and, on the 25th anniversary of their first meeting, has reunited with Roth to record “Sentimental Fool”, a deep, bluesy collection that expertly showcases the beauty, power and raw humanity of Fields’ voice.

The album will be released on 28 October. We are looking forward to it!

Photo by Gustavo Olivares