California Vintage Vibes from the East Coast – Flamingosis releases new album “Daymaker”

With his new album “Daymaker”, the American electronic producer Flamingosis once again takes us into a vintage sound world of easy-going smooth beats and sun-drenched West Coast vibes that are hard to resist. For the first time, the artist, whose real name is Aaron Velasquez, invited musicians into the studio to expand his sound. The result is a subtle mix of electronic beats, samples and real instruments and one of the most beautiful and mature albums by the artist from New Jersey.

For “Daymaker”, Flamingosis has collaborated with other musicians for the first time. The line-up is impressive: Among others, keyboardist Borahm Lee (Pretty Lights, Break Science), Jeff Franca (Thievery Corporation), Hunter Roberts and the hip-hop-funk duo Recess and Mike Tallman (Euforquestra) contributed to the album.

The vintage vibe of “Daymaker” results not least from the tastefully selected samples from the late 70s/early 80s by artists such as Niteflyte, Graham Central Station, Tim Maia, The Voices of East Harlem, Eddie Hazel.

Of course, this album is also a reference to his family’s frisbee past – the name Flamingosis comes from a frisbee free style move invented by his father – so Velasquez uses samples from interviews with his father and uncle during their time at the Freestyle Frisbee World Championship.

Velasquez says he wants every album to be uplifting. “Daymaker” exudes that positive vibe on all 13 tracks. He can only be congratulated, he has once again accomplished his mission with skill and finesse.

Flamingosis will take “Daymaker” on the road for a 24-date US tour that will carry the artist from September through December 2021.

Photo: Dani Brandwein