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Kraak & Smaak, consisting of Oscar de Jong, Mark Kneppers and Wim Plug, have been successful with their eclectic mix of electronic, funk, disco and downbeat music for more than 15 years. Their new single “All I Need (feat. iogi)” is their long-awaited musical sign of life since their outstanding album “Pleasure Centre” in 2019 and the subsequent Pleasure Centre remix compilation.

Drenched in 70s Italian and French dolce vita-esque ambiences with a pinch of revamped Americana to it, the song makes for a direct portal to the happy days of psychedelic pop and weightless downtempo electronics. All fantasy Rhodes, sleepy-headed drums and sun-bleached synths blazing, Kraak & Smaak and iogi entice us on a pensive trip down memory lane, by no means overly nostalgic or weak in the knees but rather well looking forward to whatever beautiful encounter awaits down the road.

The trio has already announced more singles and a special project to be released this summer.

About iogi

Over the course of the last decade, Tel Aviv-based recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Yogev Glusman aka iogi has established himself as a musical Swiss army knife and one of his city’s most versatile and prolific artists. As a bassist, guitarist, violinist, and drummer he has recorded extensively and toured widely in Europe and North America with many of Israel’s most popular acts, including world music luminary Idan Raichel, the hip hop-leaning Yemenite sister trio A-WA, and Efraim Shamir and Yoni Rechter, both members of the legendary ‘70s Israeli prog rock band Kaveret.

Tel-Aviv-based musician and producer Yogev Glusman aka iogi. Photo by Inbal Eyal

Photo Kraak & Smaak by Michel Mees