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“Ripe” is a seven song journey towards what Brainstory is all about as people and as a band. They are light-hearted and fun, but never less than deadly serious about their art. Choosing to record a mostly instrumental record, they’ve moved away from their 2019 debut “Buck” and reveal more of their jazz roots. “Ripe” draws from jazz, hip hop, 70s funk, 60s soul and life in Southern California in 2021.

The story of brothers Kevin and Tony Martin (guitar/vocals and bass) and Eric Hagstrom (drums) begins in the wasteland of California’s San Bernardino Valley, in Rialto. Inspired and conceived in California’s Inland Empire, the three found each other through the common denominator of jazz. With no music scene to speak of in the IE, Kevin and Eric ended up in music school (where they first met), while Tony went to San Francisco to study jazz bass the more traditional way. By the mid-2010s, the trio was in Los Angeles – the birth of Brainstory.

After two EPs for Chicano Batman’s label El Relleno Records, the band came to the attention of Big Crown Records, who released their globally acclaimed first album “Buck” in 2019.

Brainstory are already working on their second longplayer, which is scheduled for release in 2022.

Photo: Carlos Garcia/ Big Crown Records