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Soul music in particular thrives not only on the artists, but also on the enthusiasts who preserve the culture, support new artists and spread the good message. In addition to soul strongholds like Berlin and Hamburg, the East German label Golden Rules has managed to put Leipzig on the Soul map in recent years with a lot of dedication, knowledge and love for handmade music.

Under the motto “Bringing Soul back to the people”, Golden Rules once again gathers pearls of contemporary funk and soul on its second edition of “The Originals”. All in all, music lovers and soul aficionados can expect 50 minutes of independent funk & soul – from the driving James Brown funk of the Estonian Soul outfit Lexsoul Dancemachine to the deep soul of Wonder 45 from London to the chilling modern funk instrumental in 80s style by Alex Puddu.

Johannes Riedel and Fabian Schuetze are behind the Leipzig label Golden Rules. Johannes Riedel is a soul nerd from a young age. He runs his own labels and a studio with vintage equipment and is a multi-instrumentalists in a long list of projects. He works as a booker and promoter for contemporary funk and soul acts and has his own radio show on Soho Radio London. Fabian Schuetze’s aim is to create projects with value, to tell important stories, based on a DIY heart and an independent music mindset.