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“Happy Music” combines old-school disco elements, a dash of deep house, plus a pinch of soul, the kind you only find as an accomplished crate-digger. The result sounds classic and absolutely contemporary at the same time: a euphoric instant hit for the dance floors, which, like so many of the very greatest dance hits in music history, was created as a response to extremely dark times.

The B-side, “Something On My Mind”, shows a completely different facet of the new Supershy universe: over a foundation of driving electronica/italo elements, Supershy proves with this track above all that he knows how to think underground club sounds further – and make something completely new out of it.

The surprise arrival of Supershy marks a whole new chapter for Tom Misch. The pioneering London-based producer, songwriter, curator and solo musician’s understated style, genre-fluid approach and unique musicality have earned him a huge following of late, precisely because he has only played by his own (often surprising) rules from the start.

In addition to his pronounced penchant for hip-hop and jazz, his passion for electronic music has never been a secret – but most recently, during the personal unplugging and inventory time of the pandemic months, it developed into a whole new project of its own: Supershy.

For Tom, it’s a brand new outlet, the perfect platform to experiment with escapist sounds and anthemic dance tracks. Inspired by key pioneers of the dance sound world (the deep house of Larry Heard and Kerri Chandler, for example), he also wanted to include younger representatives (Todd Terje, Dam Swindle or even Peggy Gou) – and at the same time flash up echoes from the classic disco era.

The result is modern machine music with a human touch: moving, but above all exuberant tracks, danceable statements from the latest project, which underlines Tom Misch’s virtuosity and his ever-growing influence on the current music scene.

While Tom Misch is currently working on his next album under his own name, you can already look forward to more dancefloor anthems by Supershy.

Photo: Nicole Ngai