“Paradise Cove” by Misha Panfilov & Shawn Lee

London-based multi-instrumentalist, composer and “Silver Fox” Shawn Lee has long been known for his boundless musicality and versatility. After recently indulging his passion for West Coast music with Young Gun Silver Fox on the superb album “Canyons” and bowing to early 80’s electro funk with “Shawn Lee’s Incredible Leg Warmer Band”, he has now teamed up with the energetic Estonian musician and producer Misha Panfilov to set the sails of creativity and cruise to the “Paradise Cove”.

The result is a creatively spun journey through the mysterious realms between library music, hippie-esque beats, deep syntheziser dives and cosmic voodoo funk.

The whole album sounds atmosperic, rather dark, like the soundtrack to an incredibly cool Quentin Tarantino fever dream. On “Paradise Cove” we hear two music maniacs, who must have had a lot of fun during the recording sessions and always had a common goal: to set no limits to their creativity.

That there is a grateful audience out there for this wonderful music is shown by the record sales: the LP is almost sold out.