“West End Coast” by Young Gun Silver Fox

In 2015 the British singer, songwriter, producer, founder and bandleader of Mamas Gun, Andy Platts, and the American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and arranger, Shawn Lee, combined their talents, their love for melodic Californian soft rock of the late seventies and their penchant for catchy hooklines and rousing grooves on one album that nobody expected.

The ten songs on their debut are a homage to the West Coast music of the 1970s, to bands like Player and The Doobie Brothers, without ever sounding backward or old-fashioned. “West End Coast” would have easily kept up with the greats of the genre in 1979 and still sounded fresh and modern in 2015. An album for eternity, which was followed by two more masterpieces.

On “West End Coast” you can hear the creativity of two music enthusiasts and craftsmen who have finally found each other – or you could say with Hesse: “Every beginning holds its own magic.”


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