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Written and produced under the heavy mood of the pandemic where disinformation has divided couples and families, “Sun Goes Down” is ultimately a song about choosing sides. The Sarakula hallmarks are there: a Doobie bounce piano part, athletic bass line and rock-solid drums but there’s a new sense of urgency to his singing and for the first times he integrates the full voices of his female backing singers as part of the chorus hook.

“Sun Goes Down” was co-produced and co-written with Phil Martin (Soul Snatchers / Jazz Invaders / Martin & Garp / Dawn Patrol) in his studio in Dordrecht, Netherlands.

Joel Sarakula live

March 14 – Domkeller,. Aachen

March 15 – Schon Schoen, Mainz

March 17 – No.Pi, Paris

March 19 – La Moba, Bagnols-Sur-Ceze

March 22 – Swamp, Freiburg

March 23 – The Tube, Dusseldorf

March 24 – KGB, Langenberg

March 25 – Prinz Willy, Kiel

March 26 – KuFa, Hildesheim

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