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“The Otherside” is an upbeat and optimistic song in which Bobby humbly tells his story about the problems we keep creating for ourselves. At the same time, however, he also sings about the possibility of a change of heart that can free us from these problems. We hope that the danceable energy of the song and Bobby’s encouraging message will be a welcome ray of sunshine for anyone who is struggling and sees no way out.

On 10 June, his long-awaited second album “Get On The Otherside” will finally be released on Big Crown Records, on which he also deals with the difficult situation of the past Covid years.

Raised in the immigrant-populated Eastern Center section of Helsinki, Finland, Bobby Oroza was born to a Bolivian mother, a poet and tango singer, and a Finnish father, a jazz guitarist and musician. The family record collection was a major backdrop, ranging from South American folk to Motown hits to Doo-wop crooners.

Oroza began his professional music career in his youth. Even before graduating from high school, he went to Cuba for several months to intensively study the music that was most influential to him. Together with the band Cold Diamond & Mink, Bobby Oroza recorded his debut album “This Love” in 2018.