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“I Got Love” is a sweet soul anthem for those with their priorities straight and an encouraging reminder to those who may have lost sight of what is truly important in life. Oroza sings about choosing love over all things material and recognizing what you have when you have it.

The B side, “Loving Body”, is as seductive as it is profound. Oroza propositions his love interest over a gorgeous Cold Diamond & Mink production for more than a light hearted love affair. He lays out his desire to become one loving body in the way two rivers become part of the sea. A beautiful song about attraction and desire.

Raised in the immigrant-populated Eastern Center section of Helsinki, Finland, Bobby Oroza was born to a Bolivian mother, a poet and tango singer, and a Finnish father, a jazz guitarist and musician. The family record collection was a major backdrop, ranging from South American folk to Motown hits to Doo-wop crooners.

Oroza began his professional music career in his youth. Even before graduating from high school, he went to Cuba for several months to intensively study the music that was most influential to him. Together with the band Cold Diamond & Mink, Bobby Oroza recorded his debut album “This Love” in 2018. Currently Oroza is working on his second album.