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The new single “Here It Comes” is, for once, a bit more subdued, with Benny creating a nostalgic scene: it’s one of the few tracks of his forthcoming album “Music” Benny has written all by himself; the mood is inspired by his own youth, by memories of a time when he went skating with his buddies and was endlessly inspired by the countless possibilities that life had in store.

Benny says about the new song: “The lyrics are about me as a young boy, living on the streets in Dordrecht [a city in the Netherlands] with my skate crew, and feeling life presenting itself, and feeling excited about it. A time full of hope and bravado. My dad used to call us ‘Little Giants.’”

Benny Sings is a prolific songwriter, producer and artist from Amsterdam. In 2019, he released the critically acclaimed “City Pop”, his debut album for Stones Throw Records, which has since racked up over 15 million streams. The follow-up “Music”, to be released at the beginning of April, is already the eighth album release for him.

Photo: Tess Janssen