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The single “Horsepower For The Streets” contains everything we love about Jonathan Jeremiah: epic strings, a wide-ranging cinematic sound, his vibrant soulful voice, deep lyrics and a timeless songwriting quality associated with the great artists of the 60s and 70s.

His new album of the same name will be released on 9 September via PIAS. Eleven new songs await us, which according to Jeremiah stand “for our new beginnings and to raise your spirits should you ever need it”.

“Horsepower For The Streets” was recorded in an Amsterdam church with the Amsterdam Sinfonietta, a twenty-piece orchestra.

The new album will also be followed by an extensive European tour, so that we can finally experience Jonathan Jeremiah on German stages again in September.

Here you find our interview with Jonathan Jeremiah from 2018.

Photo: [PIAS] Germany