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At 12 o’clock tonight two figures appeared on my bed. After a moment of shock, I recognized Olivia Newton-John in her complete 81 “Physical” aerobics kit (she looked really well trained and athletic), and the late great Sylvester in his palette-studded “So You Wanna Funk” outfit in the half-darkness of my bedroom.

Before I could wonder, Olivia put headphones on my ears – one of those unforgettable 80s models with orange ear pads -, while Sylvester put a golden cassette in a blue and grey Sony Walkman and hit play. What followed was 37 minutes of sweaty, early 80s electro-aerobic funk that the world hadn’t heard since 1984.

Shawn Lee says: “This is the album nobody thought they wanted but now NEED!!!!” And he is right. This album is not less than a sweaty electrofunk masterpiece.