“Shawn Lee’s Incredible Leg Warmer Band” by Shawn Lee

Légère Recordings has pressed 200 copies of the electro funk masterpiece “The 37 Minute Workout” by Shawn Lee’s Incredible Leg Warmer Band. Let’s get physical!

At 12 o’clock tonight two figures appeared on my bed. After a moment of shock, I recognized Olivia Newton-John in her complete 81 “Physical” aerobics kit (she looked really well trained and athletic), and the late great Sylvester in his palette-studded “So You Wanna Funk” outfit in the half-darkness of my bedroom.

Before I could wonder, Olivia put headphones on my ears – one of those unforgettable 80s models with orange ear pads -, while Sylvester put a golden cassette in a blue and grey Sony Walkman and hit play. What followed was 37 minutes of sweaty, early 80s electro-aerobic funk that the world hadn’t heard since 1984.

Shawn Lee says: “This is the album nobody thought they wanted but now NEED!!!!” And he is right. This album is not less than a sweaty electrofunk masterpiece.