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“I imagined ‘The Kid’ as the way an insecure older guy in an 80s film would dismissively talk about a younger player who’s threatening his territory,” explains vocalist Tom Havelock. “It’s a song that’s trying to capture that feeling of seeing someone you used to be with, who’s moved on to something new – and it’s only now, when it’s too late, you realise what a good thing you had.”

Their first release since their critically acclaimed 2020 self-titled debut album, the band explores new sonic elements in “The Kid”, a shift that fans can look forward to in their upcoming EP. “‘The Kid’ started life in PREP studio 2 where myself and Giom were messing around,” recounts keyboardist Llywelyn ap Myrddin. “I remember playing the chorus chords and it felt good so we made it into a loop and the rest flowed quite naturally. The off-kilter intro was added by Giom and once Tom was singing it all came together. This is the first time we have written a track without live drums which is a departure for us, although I think it still feels like a PREP production.”

PREP is vocalist-lyricist Tom Havelock, keyboardist Llywelyn ap Myrddin, drummer Guillaume Jambel, and producer Dan Radclyffe. With Steely Dan and Bobby Caldwell as lodestars, PREP is pop music that feels tip-of-the-tongue familiar even though you’ve never heard it before. Stay tuned for an EP coming later in the year.