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George started early on playing the guitar and writing tracks for indie and acid jazz bands. This network led him to a gig as a member of Rififi, an established band in Greece leading to massive airplay, large concert venues and numerous press, radio and TV appearances by the 00s.

In addition to continuously honing his skills as a guitar player, he developed his knowledge and techniques of modern sound synthesis and music production.

His first solo EP surfaced on 2011 under the moniker Contralux and has been writing and producing under his own name ever since. Always interested in exploring the diverse repertoire of what is now labelled as the eclectic sound, he has a penchant for open harmonic spaces- typical of nu-jazz, soulful melodies, acoustic and electric guitar sounds blended with sound synthesis processes and warm synths, supported by subtle percussive elements.

He likes to take chances as a producer but believes that tracks should also work in a live band setting. His good friend and bassist extraordinaire Theo Botinis appears on several of the album tracks.

(Source: NuNorthern Soul)

“Stop, Look, Listen” is a wonderful instrumental album, in whose DNA the classic West Coast music of the 70s and 80s is inscribed, but which always sounds modern and fresh. George Koutalieris’ music is jazzy, atmospheric and often contemplative – settled somewhere between George Benson’s melodic jazz approach and the electronic vintage reveries of Air. “Stop, Look, Listen” is the album of choice for balmy summer nights – not only on the Aegean Sea.

(Thomas Splett, WEST COAST SOUL)