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Hi Marcus, where are you at the moment?

At home, doing home office, which is what I also did bevor the crazy shit happened…

How does the Corona crisis affect you?

Well, no more money! More than half of my income was my work as a DJ, which is down to ZERO. And we all know that it is going to take very long until clubs can reopen (probably the last ones with brothels…).

How do you estimate the effects of the corona epidemic on the music industry?

Nobody knows really, but I am sure it is going to be devastating. But not only music, every industry with many people with low income will be heavily affected.

What do you do with the time you involuntarily gained?

For the first weeks I did a long music break, because I realized I was not feeling new music the same anymore. I do that from time to time to generate new space for creativity and new ideas in my head. But now: Slowly coming back to the same as before, looking for music…. Oh, and thoroughly cleaning my flat after 10 years….

*What projects are you currently working on?

‘The Ladies of Too Slow To Disco 2’ was supposed to be released on April 18th on Record Store Day, which is cancelled, so we are now trying to find solutions on a day to day basis. New release date is now June 20th (if the world incl. record shops still exist…). I am working on two more TSTD compilations. One might be released before the end of the year, as i have already many finished tracks licensed. Can’t tell you yet though… The other one is for RSD 2021…

*What does music mean to you in times of crisis?

I am going back to music that I LOVE and that soothes my soul. Music of my youth that has good memories attached, like Style Council, which was huge for me.

*Which music, which albums are you currently listening to and can you recommend?

I can highly recommend Nicolas Godin’s new album ‘Concrete And Glass’, if you want to stay sane. He is one of the guys of AIR.

*Are you currently planning special online offers for your fans, e.g. online shows?

I am not sure. Our records are already cheaper than the ones of many other labels. Also I get asked to deejay /stream online a lot, but I must say I am not a fan of that concept. Looking at DJs like me, playing records and feeling stupid being filmed doing it. I am not made to play records without dancers that give me a reaction…. (of course I will do it soon, I talk too much….)

*How do you think it will go on for you?

No idea. Maybe I become a farmer……?

*Do you have a message for your fans?

To be honest, I am really not coping well with the situation, I have problems to get my head around the new life and often feel a bit depressed. So no big help from me I guess, but: Stay safe, healthy and try to be reasonable.

*Marcus, I have also a few questions about your musical roots. What is your earliest musical memory?

Not sure, but ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ by Elton John (which my parents bought me) was a huge thing, because I realized there was more than just singles…

*Which artists and bands have influenced you?

My biggest influence when I was younger was Paul Weller (by changing his style and not becoming boring). I loved THE JAM like a maniac, but unlike many of his fans, I loved THE STYLE COUNCIL too, because, like Paul Weller, I grew up and opened my musical horizon with the times… Interesting fact: He just releases and album, which was recorded in L.A. and sounds very West Coast!

*What was your first instrument?

Don’t remind me. I have a history of very bad traumas having to play piano when I was young. I hated it SO HARD!

*When did you decide to become a professional DJ?

1992, I stopped playing in the Indie band ‘Rosegarden’, and together with my partner Holger Beier I started the DJ Duo LE HAMMOND INFERNO and the label Bungalow Records.

*What did your parents say when you told them you wanted to make your fortune in the music business?

They never really understood what I did, but they never stopped me from doing it, often supported me, when things got bad….

*Which profession would you have chosen if you hadn’t become a DJ?

I always wanted to become a diplomat. No idea why, looking back….What a shitty idea!

*Do you remember your first gig? Where was it and how did you feel?

It must be in a little bar in Berlin as Le Hammond Inferno, and it must have been amazing…. I am still here.

*What was it like when you first held an album of yours in your hands?

Of course it feels good, but to be honest there is so much work over months going into it, that i mostly feel a bit tired when it comes….

*Marcus, thank you very much for the interview! We wish you and your family all the best for the future and especially health.

Thanks amigo! Take care!

This interview was first published on April 7, 2020

(Photo: Marcus Liesenfeld)