The Ladies Of Too Slow To Disco 2

When Marcus Liesenfeld aka DJ Supermarkt released ‘The Ladies Of Too Slow To Disco’ in 2016, he not only created a long overdue monument to the female singers, musicians and songwriters who played a major role in shaping the sound of California in the 70s and 80s, but also compiled one of the most popular editions of the renowned series.

The second chapter of “The Ladies Of Too Slow To Disco” continues the success story of the series and presents songs written and performed by women who controlled their own careers as artists and whose strong will and creativity made them to role models for an entire generation of female songwriters.

The exquisite selection includes classics and rarities from the years 1974 to 1982 by artists such as Franne Gold, Nicolette Carlson, Holly Near and Linda Tillery.

The detailed liner notes give an informative overview of the origin of the songs and the careers of their creators. The Special Edition with green LPs is a great eye-catcher.

With “The Ladies Of Too Slow To Disco 2” Marcus Liesenfeld has once again succeeded in creating an excellent compilation and at the same time a statement of equality, which gives these songs from distant times a current relevance. Due to Corona, this sublime edition reached us with a delay, but it was more than worth the wait.