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Unfortunately, growing older is often associated with farewells. And so the Berlin singer-songwriter and full-time local editor has also had to say goodbye to loved ones in recent years. During the recording of “You Do It Cause You Love It” Patrick Goldstein says, he always had in mind that it could be his last album at any time. In the light of this awareness, Goldstein packed everything that bothering him into the 14 tracks – from social grievances to the all-too-human.

Those who now shy away from overly serious thoughts can relax, because Goldstein wraps his stories in intelligent and timeless pop music. This idea that the album could be a kind of legacy is also reflected in the mix of styles. The genres that resonate on “You Do It Cause You Love It” probably also reflect the artist’s musical socialisation to a certain extent – from 60s soul to sophisticated 80s pop à la Prefab Sprout and Style Council.

Despite all the nostalgia that emerges, the songs always sound crisp and fresh. Tracks like the upbeat “Always Bring You Roses” with its jubilant Northern soul horns make you long for spring. “Tomorrow You’ll Return” is old-school blue-eyed soul and with “Going Back” Goldstein returns to his guitar roots. Jingles and interludes also give the album a cinematic touch.

Speaking of great pop idols: the album was created with the active support of his family in Goldstein’s home studio, which he appropriately named “Pat Sounds” – Brian Wilson would have enjoyed it.

With “You Do It Cause You Love It” comes, if one may say so, one of the best British pop albums in a long time from Berlin. One can only hope that this is not Goldstoned’s last album.