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Young Gun Silver Fox – Canyons

After their critically acclaimed milestones ‘West End Coast’ and ‘AM Waves’, Shawn Lee and Andy Platts, better known as Young Gun Silver Fox, return this February with their long-awaited new album ‘Canyons’. In the third chapter of this British-American success story, which began five years ago, the talented musicians, singers, songwriters, arrangers and producers take their listeners on another journey into the world of soulful West Coast, AOR, soft rock and boogie. ‘Canyons’ is a consequent further development of the distinctive YGSF sound and convinces with excellent songwriting and musicianship, wonderful harmony vocals, incisive brass sections and a superb production. Reason enough to talk with ‘Young Gun’ and ‘Silver Fox’ about the new album, their band anniversary, sources of inspiration, kids and further plans.

“AM Waves” by Young Gun Silver Fox (2018)

Only a few albums have impressed Yacht Rock lovers and West Coast aficionados as much in recent years as Young Gun Silver Fox’s critically acclaimed debut album “West End Coast”. With their sophomore album “AM Waves” Andy Platts (Mamas Gun) a.k.a. Young Gun and multi-instrumentalist and producer Shawn Lee a.k.a. Silver Fox consistently develop the unique sound of their debut album further and entice their listeners with well-crafted West Coast melodies into the heyday of the genre.

Young Gun Silver Fox – AM Waves

Only a few albums have made such an impact on music lovers and West Coast aficionados in recent years as the critically acclaimed debut album “West End Coast” by Young Gun Silver Fox in 2015. With “AM Waves” the duo releases its long-awaited second album this May, and refines its sophisticated blend of modern aesthetic and well crafted ’70s West Coast melodies once again. I spoke with Shawn Lee aka Silver Fox and Andy Platts aka Young Gun about their new album, the search for perfect harmonies and the influence of ’70s radio.

Cure The Jones – Interview with Andy Platts (Mamas Gun)

After the turbulence of the last two years, the long-awaited fifth album “Cure The Jones” by British soul band Mamas Gun is finally released – a lush, nuanced and expansive contemporary meditation on a world turned upside down, embedded in the classic soul tradition of Bill Withers and Marvin Gaye. West Coast Soul talked with singer, songwriter and band founder Andy Platts about the new album, the impact of the pandemic on their music, what it feels like to be back on stage, the healing power of soul music, his new studio and much more.

Andy Platts, Mamas Gun – Golden Days

With “Golden Days” Mamas Gun will release their long-awaited fourth album this year. The London based quintet has embraced audiences worldwide with its seductive blend of soul, R&B and pop for over a decade and captured a place at the forefront of British 21st century soul. I talked with singer, songwriter and band founder Andy Platts about their new album, the development of his band and the art of songwriting.

“Paradise Cove” by Misha Panfilov & Shawn Lee

London-based multi-instrumentalist, composer and “Silver Fox” Shawn Lee has long been known for his boundless musicality and versatility. After recently indulging his passion for West Coast music with Young Gun Silver Fox on the superb album “Canyons” and bowing to early 80’s electro funk with “Shawn Lee’s Incredible Leg Warmer Band”, he has now teamed up with the energetic Estonian musician and producer Misha Panfilov to set the sails of creativity and cruise to the “Paradise Cove”.

Emm Gryner heads for the sunny shores of yacht rock with her new album ‘Business & Pleasure’

When a music professional like Canadian singer-songwriter Emm Gryner sets out to record a tribute to the L.A. sound of the late ’70s and early ’80s, she doesn’t do things by halves. On her new album ‘Business & Pleasure’, the artist gathers session musicians from the golden age and, with the help of producer Fred Mollin, transfers the mellow sound of the past into the 2020s. The result is a varied album that will not only please lovers of classic yacht rock.