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“Amour Aveugle” is the singer-songwriter’s second album, following the self-produced “L’Ennui” (2017), celebrates the coming summer, sea and the sun.

From the opening track, the aptly named “Musique de Yacht”, Garçon de Plage mixes a chic and smooth cocktail of surging, West Coast-inflected yacht pop. “Amour Aveugle” is influenced in equal measure by the smooth West Coast albums of the late seventies, somewhere between the Doobie Brothers and the glossy productions of Quincy Jones, and by the elegant French pop of the same era, by artists like France Gall, Diane Tell, Michel Jonasz and Michel Berger.

“Amour Aveugle” is also a story of collaboration. Recorded between Paris, Chicago, Vitry sur Seine and New York, Greg Bette collaborated with artists like Joachim and Juliette of Pearl and the Oysters, Woody Goss and Vulfpeck bassist Joe Dart (Amour Aveugle, Jacuzzi Jazz) and many others (Noé Benita, David Sultan, Oscar Siffritt, Neima Naouri…).

Despite the nostalgic references, “Amour Aveugle” has become a modern pop album that convinces with its joy of playing, beautiful arrangements and summery freshness – and that will cut a fine figure on Californian yachts as well as in Parisian clubs.

“Amour Aveugle” was released via Requiem Pour un Twister.

Photos: Requiem Pour un Twister