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Dante Elephante has been a city favorite of Santa Barbara, California since his debut album “German Aquatics” in 2013. Initially formed as a band project, Dante Elephante has been solely behind musician and songwriter Ruben Zarate since 2016. The musician has been using his creative freedom since then to create different styles and approaches on his albums.

His fourth album “”Mid-Century Modern Romance” (Born Losers Records ) is, according to Zarate, a tribute to his family, Santa Barbara and the music he grew up with. The result are eight songs that oscillate between electro-funk, disco, post-disco and boogie. Produced by Paul Cherry, the album exudes an early 80s charm that in its best moments is reminiscent of cult acts like the Universal Togetherness Band. An album best enjoyed with a walkman while strolling Santa Barbara beach. It’s worth a listen!