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Rides Yet Again – Interview with Shawn Lee

When Shawn Lee released his very personal country-soul solo album “Rides Again” in 2019, it was to remain a one-off. In the middle of the tour for the album, the pandemic set in and life came to a standstill. The consequences of the lockdown, personal strokes of fate and experiences inspired the US-born and London-based singer, songwriter, musician, producer and arranger to record a sequel under the title “Rides Yet Again”, now released by Légère Recordings. WEST COAST SOUL talked with the “Silver Fox” about the making of the new album, music as a way of processing personal crises, his eternal search for the perfect sound and much more.

Studio City – Interview with Shawn Lee (The Superhighway Band)

What do two multi-talented musicians do when they suddenly find themselves at home because of the Corona pandemic and no live gig is in sight? They decide to record an instrumental album bursting with positive grooves and crisp horn arrangements, celebrating the jazzy L.A. sound of the 70s and early 80s. This is what happened in 2020 when singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, arranger and “Silver Fox” Shawn Lee and trombonist and keyboardist Nichol “The Gift” Thomson joined forces to form The Superhighway Band. Their debut album “Studio City” has now been released on the Hamburg label Légère Recordings. WEST COAST SOUL talked with Shawn Lee about the recording of “Studio City”, the secret of great horn arrangements, the return to the stage and further plans.

British R&B singer Joel Culpepper releases new single “Thought About You” featuring Shawn Lee

South-East London’s Joel Culpepper has been one of the hottest acts on the British R&B scene for years with his unique voice and energetic blend of modern soul and funk. After his excellent last single “Poetic Justice”, which he recorded with nu-jazz musician and fellow Londoner Tom Misch, he has this time teamed up with legendary multi-instrumentalist and producer Shawn Lee for his new single “Thought About You”. The song is accompanied by a new video – a hyper-stylised vision of a classic retro talk-show, complete with comedian Munya Chawawa enthusiastically adopting the role of host. Culpepper’s forthcoming debut album, “Sgt Culpepper”, will be released on July 23rd via his own label, Pepper Records.

“Paradise Cove” by Misha Panfilov & Shawn Lee

London-based multi-instrumentalist, composer and “Silver Fox” Shawn Lee has long been known for his boundless musicality and versatility. After recently indulging his passion for West Coast music with Young Gun Silver Fox on the superb album “Canyons” and bowing to early 80’s electro funk with “Shawn Lee’s Incredible Leg Warmer Band”, he has now teamed up with the energetic Estonian musician and producer Misha Panfilov to set the sails of creativity and cruise to the “Paradise Cove”.

Corona Crisis Chat with Shawn Lee (Young Gun Silver Fox)

The current corona crisis affects especially music makers, bands and artists. Against this background, we at WEST COAST SOUL would like to give musicians the opportunity to talk about the current situation in an interview series, but also give the fans a little insight into their musical roots. Today we talk with the singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, arranger and ‘Silver Fox’ Shawn Lee, who we have reached in London.

Rides Again – Interview with Shawn Lee

“Rides Again” is Shawn Lee’s first vocal and songwriter album since 2005, and a very personal journey into the world of soul-inspired Country music. WEST COAST SOUL talked with the American born and London based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, arranger and “Silver Fox” about his new album, musical role models, his love for classic Country music, ageing and the importance of authentic guitar sounds.

Shawn Lee & Paul Elliott – Library Music Film

With the “Library Music Film” London-based multi-instrumentalist, composer and “Silver Fox” Shawn Lee and the British musician and film producer Paul Elliott created a documentary telling the untold story of the underground, mysterious, cult and collectable world of Library Music. This hugely influential and largely unnoticed catalogue of music of all genre and style has played an important role in creating the atmosphere, mood and vibe for the majority of TV, film, advert and radio in the last 40 years. WEST COAST SOUL talked with Shawn Lee and Paul Elliott about the Library Music phenomenon, the musicians behind the music and the power of endurance of independent filmmakers.

Shawn Lee & The Soul Surfers

From Russia with funk – London-based American artist, multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer Shawn Lee has collaborated with the Russian funk band The Soul Surfers. The result is an album full of boundless soul and psychedelic funk sounds from the future. I spoke with Shawn Lee about their new album “Shawn Lee and The Soul Surfers”, his unbroken passion to make records and the contribution of music to international understanding.

Young Gun Silver Fox demonstrate their joy of playing with their new single “West Side Jet” and announce 4th album for October

After a sold-out tour through the Netherlands, Young Gun Silver Fox finally release their new single, “West Side Jet”, which again combines all the qualities you love about Andy Platts and Shawn Lee: an infectious melody, a driving groove and a crisp production. It’s definitely one of our summer anthems of the year. The single is a foretaste of their new album “Ticket To Shangri-La”, which will be released in October 2022.